Sunday, October 7, 2012

She told me to lick...and I had no other option.

Let me start with one information, I am currently in USA. If I were in India, this would have been nothing worth mentioning. I would have done it without her asking.  I would not have hesitated a bit and neither would I have looked around to see if anyone is noticing. But here things are different. I thought here no one would be licking it that way and it was treated as unhygienic.

        So when she told me, I asked her if I had any other options and she told I have to pay for anything more. That did not make sense. I really felt I should have come prepared. I was just out on a quick lunch break extension. So without thinking much I looked around once again, licked the envelope edge, sealed it and handed it over to the clerk at the post office. From next time on I would take care to bring it sealed or carry a glue stick whenever I go to a post office in US.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I am back !

It is now more than a year since I published my last blog. I don't exactly know the reason(s). There are multiple reasons, but most predominant one is laziness. Another reason is I liked my last blog very much that I could not find any topic that close to my heart.

    A lot of things happened in last 15 months or so since I published my last blog. I lost my father in-law last December and I could not see him before he took his last breath. During the last year or so  me and my wife stayed away from my son for three months, then me and my son stayed away from my wife for three months, resigned from Infosys after 9 year stint, moved from IT service company to product company, bought a new car, moved from Android phone to Windows phone and deactivated and re-activated my Facebook account at least 3 times.

    All these while I thought about writing again, but could never get over the inertia. So I thought about making a commitment and then keeping it. I hope I will be back in the frequency of about one blog per month. Stay tuned....