Sunday, October 7, 2012

She told me to lick...and I had no other option.

Let me start with one information, I am currently in USA. If I were in India, this would have been nothing worth mentioning. I would have done it without her asking.  I would not have hesitated a bit and neither would I have looked around to see if anyone is noticing. But here things are different. I thought here no one would be licking it that way and it was treated as unhygienic.

        So when she told me, I asked her if I had any other options and she told I have to pay for anything more. That did not make sense. I really felt I should have come prepared. I was just out on a quick lunch break extension. So without thinking much I looked around once again, licked the envelope edge, sealed it and handed it over to the clerk at the post office. From next time on I would take care to bring it sealed or carry a glue stick whenever I go to a post office in US.