Sunday, April 3, 2011

Their cup of redemption

  Everybody is busy dedicating the victory of Indian cricket team to Sachin. While it is an all-deserving world cup crown to the Master's head, he is a legend even without it. He already had every thing else in his showcase related to cricket and if you consider each international run is equivalent to running 20 meters, he has already run more than 650Km in the cricket pitch i.e. equivalent of running from Bangalore to Madras and back from Chennai to Bengaluru. He probably has all major batting records except highest individual score in a test innings. Of course stats gurus have created new stats that other players can also have a few records. (Like highest score from 41st to 50th over in an ODI while chasing)

While the credit of the victory goes to all the players, support staff and their family, I feel especially happy for two of them, Dhoni and Zaheer Khan. When the tournament started and even though India was not losing any matches, we were neither winning them comfortable nor winning it at all. Facebook and teatime discussions (thank god that is still real and not online) were all pessimistic of Indian prospects and critical of MSD. All experts including myself thought he was a fool who cant bat or just a fool at best. But in one week of knock out matches, every Indian is a Dhoni fan now, of the batsman and  captain. What makes him even special is he did not try to steal the limelight after victory, his feet was firmly on ground even after his hands and the last ball he faced touced the sky, he did even dedicate victory to past great players like Ganguly, Kumble and Dravid for the steady growth of the team over the years and did not push Pawar out of the podium. Take a bow Dhoni and sorry for the early criticisms and lack of trust. I am an average Indian cricket fan after all.

If any player wanted this trophy more than others, it would be Zaheer Khan. Not to show off, not to tell stories to his grand children, not to be part of Indian cricket history till the time cricket is played in India, but to sleep well without the nightmares of his first spell in 2003 cup final. In South Africa 2003 India had lost the final in the first over bowled itself. He definitely needed a cup victory to erase those memories. And oh boy what a tournament he had and what a terrific first spell in the final.  Zak you carried the Indian bowling throughout the tournament and you can very well forget your last 3 overs.  Relish the glory and get some sleep.

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