Monday, July 5, 2010

Winning changes everything. Losing, at a higher degree

Sportswriters, at least football writers, have become what finance "experts" are. When a team keeps winning, they will come with all stats and reasoning to support the team and when they lose, they have all the explanations ready as if they knew the result in advance.  When the pre tournament favorites A team and B team of this World cup were winning, they were all praise for Dunga and Maradona. When both these teams lost in quarters, same writers were blasting these coaches.  While Dunga is being punished for playing defensive and not keeping the attacking style of Latin American football, Maradona is being criticized for not giving importance to defense and concentrating on attacking. 

I don't know if Argentina stood any chance against Germany even if the initial goal had not happened, but Brazil could have done better if the lapse by defender and goalie had not happened. If they had won against Holland, I am sure all the critics would have praised Dunga, at least till the next match.  If Ghana had scored through the penalty in the injury time of the extra time, writers across the world would have been busy praising the "Arrival of Africa". At the round of 16 stage, everyone was busy finding the reason for Latin America's ascent in this cup, they are now busy praising Europe's domination. I would just love to see Uruguay win against Holland just to read some nice articles from experts, though Uruguay in final wont make an exciting one. 

Like stock market, football is also very much unpredictable. Experts need to tell something to stay as experts. I will keep reading their artices for their wonderful language but giving them as much respect as I would give a stock market expert.


  1. nice one Mr Kozhukunnen. Expecting more gems like this.

  2. HA Ha ha ... Well said Shyju Bhai... Keep your thoughts pEnNiNg :)