Sunday, August 15, 2010

Is Time faster or the changes it brings ?

Last week I was reminded by a mail from one of my engineering classmates that it's about 10 years since our engineering got over.  As far as I could remember it was some time in July 2000 that we finished our eighth semester exams. 10 years indeed. Does not really feel like it is 10 long years. Time flies ! no doubt.  That made me think how much me and some of my batch mates have changed over the last 10 years.

Biggest worry coming out of college was getting a job. A degree in Electrical and Electronics engg with not much computer knowledge and not so high percentage did not help much. Very few classmates were placed before our S8 exams. But within next 6 months or so most of us could get jobs and majority within a year. And me, predicting the 1999 cricket world cup winners got me a job (Will write that story later).

In 10 years I changed 3 jobs and worked in 3 cities in India and one in US.  I had never even dreamt that I will be seeing America in my life. Doing a flight journey itself seemed a big thing. The numerous Kochi trips for "Shreds" tests and desperation at the end of it looks funny now.  After clearing the tests, getting a chance to  get into a three star hotel itself was thought of as a big incentive. :-)

In the 10 years time, I got married and became a father as well. Being a "responsible" father was unthinkable then.
10 years back I used to think more for spending Rs 50 than I do for 100 $ now.
10 years back getting a chance to check mails once or twice a week spending Rs 60/ hour was a big thing.
10 years back if someone had promised a me a career with my current salary in ten years time, I would have signed a life time contract without thinking twice.
10 years back if someone told me that it will be so tough to control body weight, I would have laughed off.
There are lot many other things which have changed but most of them would be common with forward mails coming in "growing up in 90s ..." etc. Coming back to the topic, I think though the time was very very fast, changes have been faster. What do you think ?


  1. Hi Shyju, u got me nostalgic with this post! College life seems some kind of a dream right now. I have NO IDEA WHY i did that engineering course, though! I should not have, but life is like that..keep writing..

  2. My batch is touching the 10 year milestone this year! And, I am now in the same shoes. :)